Dear Friends and Members

Welcome back, We now have a link for meditation.

If you wish to join our collective energy, we are meditating at 7.30pm every Tuesday, with a focus to transmute the negative effects of the Coronavirus.

This will take place wherever you reside.

May you all keep safe and well.

The link is -

Hope Centre friends and visitors. -

At this time of challenge to our planet, community, family and selves, the Trustees of the Light of Hope and Managers of the Hope Centres have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close the Hope Centres to align to the advice given by the government.

May we take this time to ask all to be considerate of others, act responsibly and not allow fear to overtake your lives. This period of time in our history may be carthartic in allowing us to reconsider our values, and offer a more simple, respectful approach to life.

From a holistic aspect to enhance your energetic care, and offer aid to the situation, it would be very helpful to discipline your spiritual practices whatever they may be. A very simple energy alignment is available on the pages of this site, (see the header bar) it takes a few minutes and settles your energies, the ripples from this simple exercise extend unimaginable distances.

Please continue to visit this site as we hope to be able to offer a link to an uploaded planetary healing meditation soon, and simple advice on the purchase and care of crystals to help you personally at this time.

May the Light of Hope lead your ways at this time.

Vanda Bingley (Manager of the Hope Centre, Halifax)


The Hope Centre Halifax has been actively working in Halifax since September 2011 and is one of the projects within the Light of Hope CIC (Community Interest Company) working independently within the guidelines and principles of the Mother Organisation.

The mission of the Hope Centre Halifax is to offer hope and healing to all through a holistic approach. The Hope Centre Halifax is non-denominational and welcome all, aiming to teach the science of metaphysics, healing, meditation and an understanding of the human energy field (aura) to as many people as possible who wish to learn.

The awareness of man's spiritual nature and the eternal journey of the soul is the fundamental principle from which the Hope Centre Halifax continues to evolve.

Our Services Include:

We are just 5 minutes from Halifax town centre, on the A647 Boothtown Road, opposite the Akroydon Primary Academy (formerly known as Rawson Infant and Junior School). Turn into Heap Street for the car park of Serbian Orthodox Church, we are situated within the Church hall.